Tess Gerritsen – Life Support

Life Support was the 11th book published by Tess GerritsenĀ and was her 3rd medical thriller.

This novel was released on September 29, 1997.

Life Support book description:

The quiet overnight shift at Springer Hospital ER suits Dr. Toby Harper just fine – until she admits a man in critical condition from a possible viral infection of the brain.

The delirious man barely responds to treatment – and then disappears without a trace. Before Toby can find him, a second case occurs, revealing a terrifying fact: the virus can only be spread through direct tissue exchange.

Following a trail of death that winds from a pregnant sixteen-year-old prostitute to her own home, Toby discovers the unthinkable: the epidemic didn’t just happen – someone let it loose….

Tess Gerritsen Life Support

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