Tess Gerritsen – Harvest

Tess Gerritsen’s Harvest was the bestselling author’s 10th novel and was her 2nd medical thriller.

The publication date of this book was September 1, 1996.

Harvest book description:

Medical resident Dr. Abby Matteo is elated when the elite cardiac transplant team at Boston’s Bayside Hospital taps her as a potential recruit.

But faced with a tormenting life-and-death decision, Abby helps direct a crash victim’s harvested heart to a dying teenager – instead of the wealthy older woman who was supposed to receive it. The repercussions leave Abby shaken and plagued with self-doubt.

Suddenly, a new heart appears, and the woman’s transplant is completed. Then Abby makes a terrible discovery.

The donor records have been falsified – the new heart has not come through the proper channels. Defying the hospital’s demands for silence, she begins her own investigation that reveals a murderous, unthinkable conspiracy.

Every move Abby makes spawns a vicious backlash… and on a ship anchored in the waters of Boston harbor, the grisly truth lies waiting.

Tess Gerritsen Harvest

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