Tess Gerritsen – Die Again

Die Again by Tess Gerritsen is the 11th full-length novel in the series of Rizzoli And Isles books.

This story had a release date of December 30, 2014.

Die Again book description

Boston Detective Jane Rizzoli is on the case of a big game hunter found dead in his apartment, alone with the body of a beautiful white snow leopard he had recently been commissioned to procure and stuff for a high-profile museum in the area.

Medical examiner Maura Isles connects the case to a number of seemingly unrelated deaths where the victims have all been found hanging upside down, the hallmark of a leopard’s kill.

Rizzoli follows the puzzling trail of clues all the way to Botswana, where she uncovers the unsolved mystery of a deadly camping safari four years prior.

When she realizes the two cases are connected, Rizzoli must track down the sole survivor of the tragic trip to discover who — or what — is behind these gruesome deaths.

Tess Gerritsen Die Again

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